Architecture of housing estates

Sopocka creativity

Regionalism in architecture manifests itself in an effort to design of modern housing estates in detail referring, however, to traditional patterns. Examples of these settlements can be found on the Polish Sea – in Sopot. In Sopot emerging building its height and position are depend on the historical buildings that surrounds them.

Regionalization in the architecture of of housing estates

Model, modern, GLOBAL housing estates

Globalization in the architecture of of housing estates

Condonium – a modern housing estate

Interior Design

Studio in industrial style

Studio in industrial style is a studio apartment, where the kitchen and the living room is exposed the raw brick. Decorative elements are made of metal, which also dominates in the light fixtures and furniture kitchen. The kitchen is separated from the living ascetic bar, which can also be made of brick or metal. The […]

Arrangement room for twins

The glamour dining room

Living room at Nordic way

Trends in contemporary interior design

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The architecture of Gardens

Furniture for the garden

Nowadays garden ornaments is not resumed to beautiful plants and flowers, is also important to have a garden furniture. Depends on the conditions and circumstances, you can ¬†choose between different materials of which the furniture should be made, and may decide: – stone furniture – often used for tables and garden benches, this are heavy […]

Garden blooming for almost the whole year

Japanese style garden

Country style garden

The outer living room

Technology in buildings

Wireless networks WiFi